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Upper limb - Shoulder

At HCA at Docklands we offer a wide range of surgeries for the prompt diagnosis and treatment of uncomfortable shoulder disorders, shoulder injuries and fractures.You will have access to expert shoulder surgeons and diagnostics, including X-ray, MRI and ultrasound scans, which can be arranged at your convenience.

Shoulder treatments include:

Arthroscopic decompression

This technique aims to take out excess bone, which hinders the tendon in the shoulder (known as the rotator cuff). This decompresses the tendon alleviating pain and improving movement.

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

A torn rotator cuff can be repaired through an arthroscopic or keyhole surgery. If there is a large tear on the tendon, a mini-open incision can be required as well as treatment using augmentation via a tendon graft.

Arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation

Arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation is intended to reinstate stability to a shoulder with recurring dislocation and instability. After an assessment, you will discuss your treatment options with the Consultant. This can include arthroscopic treatment to repair a torn labrum. In the case that too much bone loss or tissue weakness is found, an open stabilisation may be suggested.

Shoulder replacement

In the case that shoulder discomfort caused by arthritis is not responding to physiotherapy or localised injections, a shoulder replacement can be considered. A surface replacement can be performed to minimise bone loss. Sometimes total shoulder replacement or a reverse prosthesis is required.

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